“In much of Aimee’s recent work she has developed a complex process of constructing a sensual and enticing surface that weaves a layered path between process and narrative, mark and meaning.  From her background as a graphic designer she appears to have retained an aesthetic based on the grid and a sense of repetition, reminiscent of image and text blocks inventively filling the space of a page.  But to that same sensibility she has brought a remarkable facility for intuitive and poetic mark making and a surface texture rooted soundly in gestural painting.  Remarkable is an applicable word because Aimee’s foray into expressive abstraction is relatively new, although her exposure to great contemporary art has been a lifelong pursuit.  Some of the paintings begin with photographic images transformed into patterns by fracturing readable pictures or creating an unexpected orientation that inhibits any literal context or interpretation.  To that matrix she brings layers of paint, enticing texture, and typically, subtle color (occasionally only value) that leaves the viewer suspended between two reactions, two worlds.  One inclination is to search the surface for the remnants of recognizable form and content, and the second to give one’s self over to the purely visual experience of the moment as the audience senses the presence of images embedded in the tapestry of pure marks, color, and texture.  It adds up to an intriguing reversal and leveling of responses, where gestural marks double as poetry, and images double as the formal elements of painting.  The fusion of image and pure surface is the subject and intent of much current abstract painting, and Aimee’s new work definitely enters the fray.”

         —Doyle Gertjejansen on Momentum And My Muse, May 2016

"....not only elegant to look at, but intelligent as well"

—Andy Antippas, director, Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans