S T A T E M E N T 

I create with paper.
I love it's look, texture and malleable nature. Because it can be cut, torn, sliced, ripped and reassembled, I'm able to work with fluidity and speed.
As one roots for the underdog, I'm drawn to the undervalued—newsprint, tracing paper, kraft paper, butcher paper, magazine paper- hoping to elevate what is under appreciated and discarded. I reduce work to one color, in order to focus the viewer on the beauty and nuances of the medium-the wrinkles, the edges, the subtle differences between an unaltered sheet vs. one that has been glued to another.
I'm inspired by typography and the colors and textures of printed pieces, often times incorporating magazine or catalog pages into my work. Where, as a graphic designer, I strove for a clear understanding of my message, I now disassemble and reassemble a headline or a fashion spread, so it's origins are barely recognizable and the viewer is kept wondering.
There is an underlying grid-like structure in everything I create. This, I believe, is what unifies and gives strength to my work.
I'm aware that I can easily over design, so, I invite chance into my work, in an attempt to curb this tendency.
I strive for the unpredictable, the mysterious, the fresh and the new. Working and reworking pieces until I'm struck with a sense of awe—when I've created something I had not yet realized I could create.


Aimée Farnet Siegel works with color and line through the medium of hand painted and manipulated paper. Her works inhabit space outside the two dimensional plain of paint on canvas. They have a depth beyond collage and are closer to nature in assemblage.

Treating refined pulp much as a ceramicist would clay or a designer would bolts of fabric, Siegel renders, rents, and reassembles the tactile medium, creating two and three-dimensional works. Working with rolls of paper, miscellaneous fragments, and glue, the results range from asymmetrical hangings to sculptural freestanding figures.

Born in New Orleans in 1963, Siegel received her BFA from Louisiana State University and later studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She developed a career as a graphic designer and Incorporated as Aimee Farnet Design Group in 1985.

In February of 2019 Siegel presented an independent site specific installation in conversation with works in the international group show Hinge Picture at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. In March, her work was exhibited in a solo show at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, and in June of 2019, Siegel returned to Atlanta as part of a two-person show at Spalding Nix Fine Art. The show is on view through September 5, 2019 and on Saturday, August 17, Siegel will give an artist talk at the gallery.

Siegel has had three solo exhibitions at Barristers Gallery in New Orleans where, in September 2019, she will curate a group show. She participated in group exhibitions at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Spalding Nix Fine Art, New Orleans Art Center, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville North Carolina, New Orleans Second Story Gallery, Dégas Gallery, and The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Siegel teaches at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She has two grown children and works and lives in New Orleans with her husband.